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Take away opening times: Tuesday – Saturday between 17:00 – 22.00 and Sunday between 17:00 – 21:00.
Collection service only on Sat and Sun lunch.

Your order will be ready for collection in 30-45 minutes after you placed it.
Delivery might take up to 1 – 1.5 hours to reach you.


Papad Basket (D, S, MD)

Presenting our unique flavours of fried papad. Rice, potato and millet served with three home...


Vegetables Samosa (G, D)

Fried flour cornets filled with potato, green Peas, tamarind, date chutney.


Spinach & Onion Bhajia (V)

Fresh spinach, gram flour, coriander, ginger.


Jackfruit & Sweet Potato Kebab…

Grilled patty of jackfruit, sweet Potato, coconut and sandal wood chutney.


Dahi Puri (G, D)

Hollow puri shells, filled with chickpeas, potatoes, Yoghurt, Pomegranate.


Kucchi in Artichoke (V)

Artichoke base stuffed with fresh mushrooms & spices.


Aloo Chana Chaat (D)

Flavoured potato savoury cake, chickpea masala, mint chutney, sev.


Rabbit Keema (G, D)

Slow Cooked Rabbit minced, bhaang & paratha.


Gosth-ke-Champien (D, M)

Cornish lamb cutlets, Betel leaves, potato mashed.


Joshila Murgh Tikka (MD)

Aromatic marinated chicken thighs Pepper corn & Red Quinoa.


Hyderabadi Seekh Kebab (D)

Lamb minced, mint, ginger, cardamon, sprout salad


Salmon Fish Tikka (D, F,…

Salmon, crushed mustard seeds and mustard oil in old Calcutta style.


Paneer Pudhina Mango (D,MD)

Cottage cheese, Mango, mint, Lentil chaat.


Tandoori Aloo Badshahi (D, N,…

Scooped barrel potato filled, nut saffron, sundried tomato, broccoli


Squid Calamari 65 (C, F)

Mangaloream wok-fried spicy calamari with chilly onion and curry leafs.


Soft Shell Crab (C, E,…

Soft shell crab, fresh corriender and chilly spiced.


Angari Jumbo Prawns(D, F, M)

Tandoor oven roasted jumbo prawns, roasted bell pepper, cinnamon, roasted tomato chutney.


Soya Chop Firdousi (MD, D,…

Soya chop filled with cheese and tangy masala.





Rice & Breads